Desire Unveiled


In the course of my life - my first camera I got around the age of six - my photos evolved in parallel with my emotional life.

Whereas in my early years it was the mirroring of the photos that my father made, later the pursuit of theoretical perfection, now my photographs seem to be getting more and more tranquil.

Looking back at the photos of all those years, my photo's seem to be references, as in a pars pro toto, where the photo refers to a larger, invisible whole.

A whole that I too am part of. A whole that I do not know but suspect. It’s that presumption and that desire, I’m aware of and photograph. Unconsciously. And sometimes quite deliberately.

For me, photographing is nothing more than simply capturing what is already there. And everything is already there. Nothing is new. I discover and unveil the beauty around me. That's all.


My work has been purchased by enthusiasts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Croatia.


2006: exhibition in Stein (NL), Homeopathiepraktijk Ger Arts

2011: exhibition in Maastricht (NL), Mondzorg Jekerdal

2011: exhibition Pars Pro Toto I, in Maastricht (NL), Grubbeveld

from 2012: ongoing exhibition in Maastricht (NL), S cape, Senden consultancy

2016: exhibition Maastricht (NL), Brilpoort

2013 - 2018: changing exhibitions in Bilzen (B), at Riet Conings, Meester Goudsmid

2019 - 2021: small exhibition in Bilzen (B), het Apostelhuis

2019 - 2021: small exhibition in Maastricht (NL), International Free University

2021: small exhibition in Vilt (NL), Flowmotion